Example of Custom Interior Design Project

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  • Proposal
  • Mood board
  • Getting to Know You Questionnaire - Step 1
  • Initial Consultation two hour appointment to assess spaces - Step 1
  • Inspiration Images provided by client - Step 1
  • Consult Summary - Step 1
  • Start Project - Define Project Scope and Quote Design Fee - Step 1
  • Before Pictures - Step 2
  • Design Concept Mood Board - Step 2
  • Measurements and Meetings with Potential Trades - Step 3
  • Estimated Investment and Final Budget Approval - Step 3
  • Floor Plan - Step 4
  • Wall Elevations - Step 5
  • Room Perspectives - Step 5
  • Color Story, Textiles & Finishes - Step 5
  • 360 Panorama of your space complete with design details - Step 5
  • Specs and Sources of Final Selections - on Products Tab at Step 6
  • Trades Liaison & Construction/Reno Observation - Step 7
  • Final Installations, Styling and Client Reveal - Step 8
  • Deficiency Resolution - Step 9
  • Project Closure - Step 10

Hello There!

This example shows you how my clients and I use MyDoma to communicate throughout their project. We work through a process that results in a space that serves your needs, fulfills your wishes and fits your budget. Price of design service can range depending on design and level of service needed.

All custom design work starts with a 2 hour consultation and follows my 10 step process.

Items can generally be ordered and managed by the client except custom items like window treatments, re-upholstery, custom cabinetry and commissioned art. Concierge, full service for Order Management is also available.

Installation of items determined on a piece by piece basis.

I'll perform a final styling and reveal to ensure finished space meets standards.

To better know what to expect see the Service Level Agreement and here are FAQ for even more info.

I'd love to hear about your project and answer any questions - give me a buzz so we can chat!