Designer Window Treatments Give You WAY More for Your Money

Beautiful window treatments will upgrade a space FAR more than the cost of the investment.

Most off-the-shelf options look cheap because the fabric is thin so the curtains sag and look skimpy. Also, they are often a natural fiber that will fade within a year and be shredded by the sun in a handful.

Custom and expensive are NOT the definition of designer.

You can call a window treatment salesperson but they are most likely not Interior Designers. They often don't know about textiles and fibers. They are *usually* just salespeople and installers.

You can find expensive everywhere you look, but that won't give you the designer impact that the investment should warrant. You can find beautiful all over too but that beauty is often temporary because the fiber content is inappropriate.

Interior Designers select durable synthetic fibers that will look and feel JUST like linen or silk but won't sag and stretch out or fade or dissolve in sunlight.

They will specify the right length, width and visual/actual weight relative to the window and wall to create that "WOW!" you're after.

They will ensure you get the right lining(s) that gives drapes body so they look rich and full and corner weights so they lay perfectly from edge to edge.

And finally, the trim detail, with perfect proportion and placement is the finishing touch that will make your room stand apart and look like a magazine cover.

Details are not inconsequential - they ARE the design.

The items on the Products tab have things to keep in mind and some estimated costs.

Get a consultation with me and let's dress those windows!

I can design rich, custom drapery panels averaging $350 each and roman shades averaging $550 each. That is on par with the pricing you'll get from a Window Treatment provider. The distinction is an Interior Designers recommendations will be timeless AND design forward plus I can choose from unlimited fabric options to make the perfect look for your room.

I'm always happy to answer any questions about my services. Just schedule a chat or try to catch me on the fly 401.323.3788.