• p.s. don't use clear bulbs - always frosted :)

Favorite Things - Designer Lighting Essentials

Do you find yourself drawn to spaces but you don't know why? Do you have rooms in your home that just don't feel "right" even though they are furnished AND finished?

it's probably the lighting. It doesn't matter how well appointed a space is if it doesn't have a well thought out lighting plan it won't have atmosphere.

People are drawn to light like moths to a flame so make sure the direction of the light is drawing the eye to the places you want it.

Main Culprits:

  • Wrong type of Fixture - for example, Torcheres lamps light the ceiling and that's usually the least interesting thing in a space.
  • Wrong Color of Light - too warm is yellow and skews colors while too cool feels stark.
  • Not Enough Layers of Lighting - Ceiling lights usually light everything but highlight nothing. They're very handy when cleaning but otherwise they give the space all the atmosphere of a Walmart.

I'll give you an insiders look at the items I use and how I use them to put the final touch on rooms for my clients during the Styling Process.

Follow these steps and make your home irresistible!

1. Change out light bulbs.

  • Only use frosted, dimmable light bulbs
  • Lights that are on when you're unwinding at night should be 2700 Kelvin.
  • All other lights should be 3000 Kelvin. Make sure shades are cream or white.
  • Except… Lights that are in work spaces where seeing true color should be 5000 Kelvin. Make sure shades are all white.

2. Put dimmers on all lights.

  • Change out wall switches
  • Add sliding dimmers to lamps

3. Add task lighting.

  • Table and floor lamps that pool light directly where the eye is already going (reading a book in your lap) or directly where you want the eye to go (like the top of the buffet).
  • Add shades to bare bulbs to direct light
  • Motion activated lights in closets, cabinets and drawers.
  • Under-cabinet lights over work surfaces
  • Directional ceiling lights (recessed eyeball) over work surfaces (islands)

4. Add ambient lights.

  • Plant up-lights
  • Art lights
  • Display cabinet lights
  • Motion activated, walking path lights
  • Night lights

Looking for something specific? Try Target- you get free shipping on orders over $35 and simple to make returns right at the store :)

Disclaimer - I can't guarantee these items are exactly the same as what I bought so read the reviews and verify return policies and that sizes work for your application before buying.

Happy Shopping!