Online Consultation - 60 mins

$85 USD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build

Price range of products

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  • 3monetization_on


  • Shopping list
  • 60 mins online screen share appointment to assess and problem solve


Are you stumped about which sofa/tile/rug/whatever to choose? Or have a specific design question or need to pick my brain for ideas and solutions to a particular problem? Get me on the line and let's chat!

Get an hour with an interior designer and we'll go over whatever it is that's stalling your progress. We'll screenshare and look at the problem and solutions!

We can take a focused look at one problem - paint options, storage solutions, lighting issues, carpet ideas, tile recommendations, whatever you need.

This is not the best way to address a space with general malaise as many spaces need a holistic solution. If you're not sure then I'm always happy to answer any questions about my services. Just schedule a chat or try to catch me on the fly 401.323.3788.

This package includes the the link to schedule our time together - I look forward to hearing from you!

Take a peek at my availability here but please get set up in MyDoma before selecting our time.