Window Treatment Solutions Consult

$85 USD

Level of difficulty

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Price range of products

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  • Shopping list
  • Determine custom length from wall & window measurements

Every window can be improved with the right treatment. Some only are for aesthetics and a little will do. But some have to really work at solving true problems - heat gain/loss, light blocking, privacy, glare control, echos, unappealing views, etc. Let's find out what your room and you need and get those windows dressed right.

Pricing for treatments can really range so we'll talk about your needs and budget first. Often doing a mix of custom and off the shelf can make the budget and the room really sing!

Book this one hour online call and we'll review your pictures, discuss your needs and brainstorm solutions. I'll give you my very best recommendations and solutions and if anything custom is needed I'll get quotes and I'll send it along after. If you need drawings of the concepts or it's a really tricky problem I may suggest we book another call.

I'm always happy to answer any questions about my services. Just schedule a chat or try to catch me on the fly 401.323.3788.

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