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Interior Color Consultation Service

$325.00 USD

The thing about paint is the wrong color costs just the same as the right one.

Paint is the last thing chosen in the design process because the function of wall color is to complement the existing elements.

The way to be sure you have picked the right paint colors and are putting them in the right places is to know the undertones of the fixed elements and to know the upcoming color trends.

Color choice and color placement have a significant effect on how a space feels as they can highlight the lovely features and draw the eye away from less than appealing ones.

We'll use large color boards to know what colors will complement your existing elements. By the end of our two hour appointment you'll have complete confidence in the selections and be ready to hand a list over to your painters.

You will also be mailed color sheets that you can take shopping or store for future reference.

Read more about how a Color Consultation works here.

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